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Discover La Rioja

Visits, culture, landscapes… Discover La Rioja

La Rioja is a land of wine, but also a land of culture, nature, gastronomy and place major step on the Camino de Santiago. You will be surprised how many possibilities that you can offer our environment.

Here we are going to do a review of the most important so do not miss anything on your visit to La Rioja.

8 essential visits in La Rioja

finca de los arandinos logroño la rioja


The capital of La Rioja is a must. The famous Laurel Street set, hosts a plethora of bars and restaurants perfect for tapas and chiquiteo restaurants. The old town is steeped in history, with the Cathedral of the Round and the churches of Santa Maria de Palacio, San Bartholomew and Santiago and the Teatro Breton, where the best plays of the country are represented.

finca de los arandinos entrorno najera


City Camino de Santiago, stands the church of Santa María La Real, which has a cloister of the Knights of sigle XVI where Gothic, Plateresque and Renaissance are combined.

Do not forget to stroll through the narrow streets of Old Town or see the sights from the bridge of San Juan de Ortega.

finca de los arandinos santo domingo de la calzada

Santo Domingo de La Calzada

One of the most renowned resorts and most important the Way of French Santiago.

This gives a special atmosphere and life, especially during the months of more pilgrims. is famous for its cathedral, the Pilgrims Hospital and its network of medieval streets declared a Historical and National Interest.

moasterio de yuso finca de los arandinos

Monasterios de Yuso y Suso

Located in the town of San Millan and Declared World Heritage by UNESCO since 1997, These two spectacular monasteries will leave you stunned by ITS centuries history, beauty and Its ITS environment..

finca de los arandinos calahorra entorno la rioja


The main population of a part of La Rioja called “La Rioja Baja”.
In its historic center we can see numerous samples of its past through several buildings, among which its cathedral of late Gothic style stands out.


In this wine-producing village, the wineries with sightseeing, especially centenarians, are concentrated in the neighborhood of the station, but can also be found in other parts of the city and in nearby towns such as Briones, San Asensio, San Vicente, Ollauri ..


Medieval village crossed by the Camino de Santiago. Its historic center is considered of Cultural Interest. His best-known monument is the church of the Assumption and among its features highlights its great pottery tradition.

entorno bodega rioja sierra cebollera

Natural Enviroment

For nature lovers have the Natural Park of Sierra Onion (40 minutes), the Caves of Ortigosa or Route of Dinosaurs in Enciso, ideal to enjoy with the little ones.

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