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Each dish becomes a game in which instinct and learning participate in the same proportion. A high percentage of the dishes are made with “KM 0” products, purchased from local producers who bring out the best of Rioja land. The rest of the products are, surely, the best

Hotel Bodega Restaurente En La Rioja
Restaurante En La Rioja Hotel Bodega
Restaurante En La Rioja Enologia Bodega
Terraza Gastronomia En La Rioja
Gastronomia Reiojana Restaurante Tierra Arandinos
Instalaciones Restaurante Tierra Arandinos
Gastronomia Restaurante En La Rioja Hotel Bodega Finca De Los Arandinos
Gastronomia Restaurante En La Rioja Hotel Bodega Finca De Los Arandinos Restaurente Tierra
Gastronomia Restaurante En La Rioja Hotel Bodega En La Rioja


Our team of professionals in the kitchen combines passion and freshness in the art of culinary excellence to bring you unforgettable meals from the best of each season. Each meal paired with award winning wines pressed from grapes grown outside the hotel and stored in the cellar beneath your rooms.

The Tierra restaurant has been named as one of the best restaurants in the Rioja valley for quality and price.


We offer you a menu for every occasion. Always based on respect for local raw materials and quality and innovation in their preparation 


In our menus you will find the essence of local cuisine, and of this rich and generous land. It pays homage to its history and its people. A kitchen that respects its surroundings; a gourmet kitchen, to enjoy in a quiet place with spectacular views.

KM 0 products? In TIERRA you will taste products from producers and Riojan processors who dedicate their lives to make the best of this land. The rest is, surely, the best product of the Country. Luis the Artisan Charcutero, the lambs of Eduardo, the vegetables of Entrena of the Revuelta family, Fernando the ice cream master, Juan Ángel the pastry chef, Rodríguez the baker …


This special combines tradition with ionnovation. Choose a starter, fish, meat and dessert. A complete menu with all the best products that the Rioja valley can offer.

Price: 39 € + 10% VAT

gastronomia restaurante en la rioja hotel bodega finca de los arandinos

Relax Menú

Choose a starter, fish, meat and dessert plate from our menu. This Arandinos experience is also known as the “Express break” or “The Executive Relax” menu. Enjoy it

Price: 32 € + 10% VAT

gastronomia restaurante en la rioja hotel bodega en la rioja

Tasting Menú

A selection of our best dishes to delight your senses. Our kitchen will win you over while you enjoy quality ingredients sourced locally in a unforgettable experience

Price: 55 € + 10% VAT


menu pausa finca de los arandinos

Pause Menú

A very special menu that you can enjoy from Monday to Friday. It consists of an entree, a main dish and a dessert with the best seasonal products.

Price: 22€ VAT included

La Vinería Space

Gastronomy and meetings 


In a space adjacent to the hotel is La Vinería. A two-story building with a landscaped terrace, with a capacity for 70 diners, where you can celebrate both family reunions and with friends.

Espacio La Vineria Reuniones En La Rioja
Espacio La Vineria Reuniones En La Rioja Enoturismo Hotel Bodega


Make your reservation now in our restaurant TIERRA. Contact and reserve by calling 941 446 126

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